Top 6 Wahaj Ali's Performances

By Priyanka Soam

Wahaj Ali is a talented Pakistani actor known for his diverse roles in television dramas.

Wahaj Ali gained recognition for his performance in this drama, where he played the character of Aabis

Ishq Ibadat (2015)

He portrayed the role of Shahzeb in this supernatural drama, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Dil Nawaz (2017)

Wahaj played the character of Ali in this drama, and his performance was well-received by the audience.

Mah-E-Tamaam (2018)

In this drama, Wahaj Ali portrayed the role of Hassan, showcasing his acting prowess.

Gila (2018)

Wahaj played the lead role of Ahad in this drama, which revolves around child abuse and exploitation.

Bikhray Moti (2020)

 This military drama featured Wahaj Ali as Shariq, one of the four friends central to the storyline.

Ehd-E-Wafa (2019-2020)

These shows highlight Wahaj Ali's ability to take on diverse roles and deliver impactful performances.He  has established himself as a versatile actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry.