Popular Thai Romantic Films

Urvi Mishra

Source: Youtube

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (First Love): A heartwarming romantic comedy about unrequited love and self-discovery during high school years.

Pee Mak: A hilarious and touching horror-comedy romance based on the Thai folklore of Mae Nak Phra Khanong.

A Little Thing Called Love (A Crazy Little Thing Called Love): A charming coming-of-age story following an ordinary girl's journey through high school crushes and self-improvement.

The Love of Siam: A poignant drama that explores themes of friendship, family, and same-sex relationships, set against the backdrop of Bangkok.

Hello Stranger: A delightful romantic comedy about two strangers who meet in Korea and develop a special connection as they explore the country together.

Suddenly Twenty: A fantasy-comedy film that follows a 70-year-old woman who magically transforms back into her 20-year-old self, rediscovering love and pursuing her dreams.

Bad Genius: While not a traditional romance, this thriller-drama focuses on a group of high school students who devise an elaborate cheating scheme for profit, with romantic elements intertwined.

May Who?: A quirky romantic comedy about a shy high school girl with a secret superpower who falls for the school's handsome and popular boy.

Friend Zone: A romantic comedy that navigates the complexities of friendship and unrequited love, as a young man tries to confess his feelings to his best friend before she marries someone else.

I Fine..Thank You..Love You: A lighthearted romantic comedy about a Thai man who hires an English tutor to help him communicate with his foreign girlfriend, leading to humorous and heartwarming situations.