10 K-dramas For  Foodies 

Urvi Mishra

Source: Youtube

Let's Eat Series: This trilogy focuses on a group of neighbors who bond over their love for food.

Wok of Love (Greasy Melo): A romantic comedy set in a neighborhood Chinese restaurant, featuring plenty of tantalizing dishes.

Oh My Ghost: While not solely focused on food, this drama includes mouth-watering cooking scenes as a ghost possesses a timid chef to fulfill her culinary dreams.

Pasta: This drama takes place in an Italian restaurant kitchen, showcasing the struggles and romance among chefs.

Gourmet (Sik Gaek): A historical drama centered around royal cuisine, offering a fascinating glimpse into Korean culinary traditions.

Warm and Cozy: Set in a cozy island restaurant, this drama combines romance with plenty of scenes featuring delectable seafood dishes.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar: While not strictly focused on food, this fantasy drama features a mysterious bar where the owner serves customers dishes tailored to their desires.

King of Baking, Kim Takgu: This drama revolves around bread-making and the intense competition within the baking industry.

Chocolate: A heartwarming drama about love, loss, and redemption, with a focus on the healing power of food and cooking.