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Aishwarya Sakhuja Swears By Yoga, Calls Suryanamaskar A ‘Powerful Kriya’

On World Yoga Day 2023, Aishwarya Sakhuja spoke exclusively to Screenbox about the varied ways yoga has helped her become a better individual.





Aishwarya Sakhuja speaks to Screenbox about World Yoga Day 2023
Aishwarya Sakhuja has featured in several popular Hindi TV shows. (Image: Instagram)

ONE of the most popular names on Hindi television, Aishwarya Sakhuja is an avid yoga practitioner. Her social media pages are filled with fitness videos, revealing the secret behind her toned physique.

In an exclusive conversation with Screenbox on Yoga Day, Aishwarya reflects on her yoga journey so far, what made her turn vegan and why yoga should be an integral part of every individual’s life.

On Practicing Yoga For Years

As Aishwarya stresses on the importance of yoga, she recalls how her mother would wake her up at 5am to practice yoga. “My mother used to take me to do yoga in Delhi’s Nehru Park every morning. I used to be the youngest in the group. Everyone else was above 50. Honestly speaking, I did find it very annoying, but that’s how my yoga journey kicked off,” she says.

On Her Favorite Yoga Guru/Yogini

On being asked about her favorite yoga guru, the actor says, “I don’t have a favorite. But I do follow Bharti Yoga on YouTube. I think she’s wonderful and her breathing techniques are great.”

On Why She Decided To Turn Vegan

Yoga is considered to be a flexible and adaptable practice because of the manner in which people find their own way through the different yoga principles. For Aishwarya, practicing yoga is about being mindful and preferring to adapt her lifestyle choices to what works for her. In her own words, Aishwarya thinks being vegan makes her feel closer to her yoga practice. “It was a conscious choice to avoid as much dairy and eggs. I don’t eat meat at all. But it will take some time to go completely vegan,” the actor reveals.

On Her Favourite Yoga Asana

On being asked if she considers any yoga asana her favourite, Aishwarya says, “My favorite asana has to be Suryanamaskar. It is a very powerful kriya and covers everything in your body. I do all yoga asanas at home just by watching videos on YouTube. I don’t like doing it in a group.”

Her Thoughts On Yoga Day

Yoga not only offers physical and mental health benefits for people across all age groups, but has also become an integral part of their healing process from surgeries or chronic conditions. For Aishwarya, yoga is the perfect union of body, mind and soul and the right way to stay fit and calm. “When it comes to wellness and well being, yoga is an ancient practice. There is a valid reason for it to have picked up pace on an everyday basis, the world over,” she says.

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