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Urfi Javed Gets Mobbed By Papparazzi And Fans At A Recent Event

Urfi Javed recently made an outstanding appearance at Sanjit Asgaonkar’s Birthday bash.





Urfi Javed
Urfi Javed. (Image: Instagram)

URFI Javed is known for her outstanding clothing style, and the way she carries herself in bold outfits is remarkable. The diva is currently on the top priority list of the biggest designers across the globe, and with her grace and beauty, she’s ruling the hearts of the audience.

Her distinctive outfits never disappoint any of her fans, and whenever she’s spotted in town, it grabs all the attention. The paparazzi are often seen rooting for Uorfi’s spotting, and the fashion queen serves them with top-notch glamour.

After being in the news for now and then, the DIY queen recently made an outstanding appearance at Sanjit Asgaonkar’s Birthday bash, and what happened at the party was complete havoc.

The diva is known for her stunning looks, with which she has built a fan following across India. Many young ladies get inspired by her, and more than that, they root for her to take this legacy ahead with the same grace.

Whenever she gets witnessed by her fans and media, they all want to click pictures and videos with Urfi, and she politely gives it, but recently when she reached at the birthday bash of her publicist and manager, Sanjit Asgaonkar, her fans and paparazzi struck out at her immensely, and it became a wave full of crazy people who all wanted to capture her.

There were all 8 bodyguards, and you will be surprised that they were not able to control the crowd and her fans and paps rushed over her, but anyhow she managed to come to the podium and then she shared some beautiful moments with Sanjit, cut the cake with him, and also gave him the best wishes for his and his firm Splendid Pr’s future as it also completed 2 years, and also appreciated his work.

This massive mob for her shows how she has evolved as a fashion icon of India with hard work and dedication, and it was also no surprise for her to face such a big crowd as she has gotten used to it.

Meanwhile, Uorfi Javed is at the top of the headlines for her fashion statements and reaching more and more heights with her DIY fashion.

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