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Ulka Gupta Says Jhansi Ki Rani Proved Her Mettle As An Actor

One of the most popular names on Hindi TV, Ulka Gupta talks about her struggles of establishing her mettle as an actor.





Ulka Gupta
Ulka Gupta has been a part of shows like 'Jhansi Ki Rani'. (Image: Instagram)

ACTRESS Ulka Gupta, who’s known for her stellar performance in shows like Banni Chow Home Delivery and films like Simba and Rudhramadevi has been one of the most treasured gems of the entertainment industry. The talented starlet, who was subjected to colour bias has outshined each and every notion about her through her impeccable talent.

Talking about how she broke people’s notion about her and if the process was difficult for her. She said “People and their thoughts did pose as a hurdle in my career, especially their notion about my skin tone. They thought I wasn’t apt, but after Jhansi happened, people started taking me more seriously and started taking notice of my talent. I always believe that an actor’s craft is his only kryptonite the way he looks or his skin colour all comes secondary”

Furthermore she added “With all modesty, I haven’t set out to become the next role model but I just want people to realise that if I can, then they can too” she comcluded.

On the professional front, Ulka was last seen in Banni Chow Home Delievery.

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