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Tina Datta Says Yoga Is The Right Way To Stay Connected With Life

On World Yoga Day 2023, Tina Datta speaks exclusively to Screenbox about how yoga has changed her life.





Tina Datta on World Yoga Day 2023
Tina Datta is an avid Yoga lover. (Image: Instagram)

TINA Datta became a household name with her portrayal of ‘Ichcha’ in the popular Hindi TV show, Uttaran. Since then, the actor has been one of the top names in television and boasts a huge fan following on social media, including over 4.5 million followers on Instagram.

The actor, who is also a yoga freak, tells Screenbox in an exclusive conversation how her yoga journey has evolved over the years. She also gives us an insight about whether she will be making her own vlogs to help her fans practice yoga.

Recalling how her journey with yoga kicked off, Tina Datta says her friends helped her fall in love with the practice. “I was inclined towards yoga when I saw my dearest friend and sister Aashka Goradia practice it. It was beautiful.” 

“My mentor Brent Goble made me fall in love with this art, by making me assertive of each asanas and teaching me how to relate with each of them,” she adds.

While reflecting on how yoga changed her life, Tina says it has helped her become calm in life. “Yoga made me calmer and taught me how to stay positive and focused at times of distress. It’s integrating the overall energy in all chakras; to create a balance.”

Does she have any favorite Aasan? “Shirsasana, Bhujangasana, Uttanasana… Ohh!! There are many,” the actor replies.

While yoga and gym are both used by actors to maintain their physique, Tina has a strong preference for yoga over other forms of workout. “Everyone has different requirements according to their fitness goals. While some want to focus on muscles, others are happy to develop a healthy lifestyle,” the actor said.

“I prefer yoga over gymming. Not someone who can sweat in the gym for hours. I’m happy to do yoga and pilates,” she adds.

Tina, an avid yoga lover, also has some interesting tips for beginners. “Remember, your focus should not be on covering a specific quantity of asanas. Go for learning each asana correctly and understanding why you’re doing that particular one,” the actor says, adding, “Postures have to be correct. Then start aligning your mind, body towards your posture and see you will end up connecting with your soul. That’s our ultimate goal!”

Does she plan on starting any vlogs on Yoga? “Good idea, I must do one,” Tina laughs.

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