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Juhi Parmar Holidays In The US With Family, Shares Photo Dump From Vacay

Juhi Parmar took to social media to pour out her profound gratitude to the extraordinary souls she met during her trip to the United States





Juhi Parmar with daughter
Juhi Parmar with daughter. (Image: Instagram)

POPULAR TV actor Juhi Parmar, known for her recent role in Amazon Mini Tv’s Yehi Meri Family Season 2, is basking in the glow of success following her latest release. Her portrayal of Neerja has earned her praise and adoration from the audience. While Juhi’s career is soaring, she recently embarked on a much-awaited holiday with her daughter Samirra to the United States. 

Their trip took an unexpected turn when their flight from New York to Buffalo was abruptly canceled. In a heartwarming turn of events, Juhi and her daughter experienced the kindness and generosity of the unfamiliar heroes.

With heartfelt emotion, Juhi revealed, “When the flight got canceled, they called us to Washington, a city that was not even part of our planned trip. They embraced us like their own family, welcoming us into their home and showering us with the utmost care and affection.”

Juhi Parmar took to social media to pour out her profound gratitude to these extraordinary souls they met in the United States. They were not mere acquaintances; they were beautiful souls who selflessly extended their helping hands during unexpected travel mishap and continued to guide them throughout their journey. 

Despite the odds, Juhi’s friendship with these remarkable people grew into a lifetime of meaningful relationships that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Lastly, she expressed how their kindness and support made a lasting impact on her by saying, “I am forever grateful for the bonds formed with these incredible souls and will always hold them close to my heart. “

The actor shared pictures from her visit to Universal Studios in Orlando and wrote, “The world of imagination and fantasy in which Samairra has spent upteen hours, the most awaited part of this vacation was spending time in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I was excited for her to see it and see her reaction and for her it was like actually being a part of Harry Potter, she just couldn’t believe it.”

She further added, “It’s special when one can make dreams come true and for kids their world of imagination is so beautiful, I can’t share with you in words how beautiful it was to see Samairra’s world of imagination open up in front of her eyes! Truly magical.”

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