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Bigg Boss OTT 2: 4 Reasons Why Salman Khan Is The Ultimate Fan-favourite Host

With Bigg Boss OTT 2 premiere just days away, here are 5 of the top reasons why there could have been no better host than Salman Khan.





Salman khan on the set of the Bigg Boss image : (Screengrab from Youtube)

When it comes to Bigg Boss, one can’t ever imagine the popular reality TV show without superstar Salman Khan as a host.

The Dabang star has been entertaining the audience with his Bigg Boss hosting stint since 2010. In fact, there are many people who do not like the format of the show but still watch it due to Bhaijaan. Salman’s Bigg Boss hosting avatar has definitely booked a special place in his fans’ hearts. Over the years, he has been seen forming a special connection with not ‘BB’ avid watchers but also with the contestants.

From teaching them a lesson over wrong act to consoling them and supporting them, Salman has indeed proved strong in every mettle as a host.

As he is now all set to Bigg Boss OTT, let’s revisit the moments that actually proved Salman is one of the best hosts on Indian television.

1. When Salman Khan cleaned bathroom in BB house

In the 13th season, Salman entered the house to make the contestants learn the value of the house. He came to the house and cleaned utensils and washrooms leaving contestants embarassed. This was the first time in the history of Bigg Boss, when the host entered the main house for this purpose.

2. Salman Khan consoling Rashami Desai after revealing her ex-boyfriend Arhan Khan’s shocking truths

Actor Rashami Desai had the back support of Salman Khan during her stint in Bigg Boss house. During one of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes, Salman revealed to Rashami that her then-boyfriend Arhaan is already married and is a father of a child. Salman lashed out at Arhaan for hiding the truth from Rashami.

After hearing about it, Rashami started crying. Seeing Rashami upset Salman entered the house and consoled her. He, in fact, relationship counsellor for Rashami.

3. Salman’s special gift to Abdu Rozik

In the 16th season, Salman won hearts with his special gesture for contestant Abdu Rozik. He gifted a set of dumbbells to Abdu. He teased Abdu by saying he should work out in order to impress the female contestants.

4. When Salman Khan paid tribute to late actor Sidharth Shukla

In Bigg Boss season 15, Salman Khan paid tribute to the late actor Sidharth Shukla who was also the winner of the show’s season 13. The channel played a montage of Sidharth’s happy moments from the show taking everyone down a nostalgic trip.

At the beginning of the episode, Salman said, “Aaj Bigg Boss ke uss winner ka birthday hai jo hamare sath nahi hai. Toh aaj ka episode, aapke naam, The Irreplaceble, Sidharth Shukla. You left us too soon buddy. Missing you and wishing you on this very special day.”Salman has undoubtedly taken the show to new heights of success with his hosting talent. Now it’s to see what he has in store with Bigg Boss OTT 2, which will start streaming on Jio Cinema from June 17.

Source: (ANI)

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