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Aamir Ali Praises The Trial Co-star Kajol For Being An Energy Ball, Says ‘It’s A Delight To Be Around Her’

In an exclusive conversation, Aamir Ali reflected upon working on the OTT show, The Trial with Bollywood star Kajol.





Aamir Ali Exclusive Interview
Aamir Ali. (Image: Instagram)

AAMIR Ali, who recently starred in the OTT series The Trial, has been a famous name on television. The actor has featured in several popular shows, including Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii, Bhaskar Bharti and FIR. 

In an exclusive conversation with ScreenBox, Aamir reflected upon working on The Trial. “It’s been fab. I’ve worked with such a great ensemble. The cast is so amazing, it’s always good to work with them and learn so much from them.”

He added, “When you do a project for OTT and have big names like Kajol, it turns out be a learning experience. It is always good to learn and understand from them about what to do and also what not to do. As far as director Suparn Varma is concerned, his body of work speaks for itself. He has done Family Man, Rana Naidu, and now The Trial. It’s a great experience working with a director like him.” 

The actor also spoke about his transition from TV to OTT. “Makers are good everywhere. They are good because several TV producers and directors are doing a fab job on OTT. Time constraint is the only issue. Even on television when they begin a project, their intention is always good. Since they have an episode to go on air, that’s when they have to rush. That’s when writing and content go a bit haywire.”

He further added, “But the intent and the and the the quality of the work is always the same. They all want to put in their best. On OTT platforms, every project has 8 to 10 episodes, involving rewriting and re-scripting. The shoot is also elaborate and peaceful. That’s the only difference.”

Speaking about sharing screen space with Kajol, Aamir says the star is a ball of energy. “I’ve mostly had scenes with Kubbra Sait. She’s great. But Kajol Ma’am is Kajol Ma’am. I mean, you always build a happy memory of working with her. The first day of shooting with her and just interacting with her remains unforgettable. She’s full of energy. She’s full of fun vibe.  Her acting skills are great. As a person, I can say she’s just amazing and vibrant,” he said, adding, “She’s funny. It is a delight to be around around her.”

For the unversed, The Trial is an adaptation of the American drama series, The Good Wife. On being asked about his views on the trends of remakes and adaptations in Bollywood, Aamir said, “Every project has to be shot and made well. Many films and OTT shows are remakes, but if these aren’t done well or shot well, they won’t come out the way they are.” 

“There’s no harm in remaking or adapting a big international, South show or movies, eventually it has to be shot the way it has to be shot. Because that’s what matters the most,” he added.

Aamir also spoke about his most favorite characters from his TV career and the co-actor he shares an unforgettable chemistry with. “I’ve had such amazing co-stars. From television fraternity, I’ve had a very good rapport with a lot of people particularly with Abigail from Kya Dil Mai to Ragini Khanna in Bhaskar Bharti. We also share a great bond. Ragini is a fine actress.”

“A lot of people still remind and keep telling me about Kavita and I as Chandra Mukhi and Bajrang Pandey. People still remember us even now and they keep telling us that we need to see you both together. Going by the viewers’ perspective, Chandra Mukhi Chautala and Bajrang Pandey share the best onscreen chemistry,” Aamir said.

The actor also expressed his desire of working with the megastar Amitabh Bachchan. “I want to work with everybody in Bollywood. I want to work with all the Khans, I want to work with all the Kapoors. I want to work with all the actresses. That’s so good. But my dream is to share the screen space with Bachchan Saab. I don’t care where, when, how, maybe a small cameo in a commercial or whatever. I just want to have the memory of working with him.”

Having featured in films, TV and OTT, will Aamir be open to participating in Bigg Boss? “I love Bigg Boss and I’m a huge fan, but I’m too scared to be a part of it,” he replied, adding, “My motto in life is to never say never. As a viewer, I’m a diehard Bigg Boss fan.”

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