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10 Popular Anime Characters With March Birthdays

The concept of assigning birthdates to fictional characters, even those with British origins, may seem peculiar to some fans.




AS February draws to a close, the anticipation for March mounts, bringing with it the birthdays of beloved anime characters. March, much like its predecessors, commemorates the birth of several notable figures from the anime realm.

The concept of assigning birthdates to fictional characters, even those with British origins, may seem peculiar to some fans. However, such practices aim to infuse a sense of realism into these characters, aiding authors in their development of rich and believable personalities.

Kallen, a main protagonist of Code Geass, is among the anime characters celebrating their birthdays in March. She possesses remarkable strength of will and a deep passion for her endeavors. Despite her disdain for Lelouch’s arrogance, she respects his leadership and ideals.

Yusuke, the central character of Yu Yu Hakusho, also shares a March birthday. As a spirit detective, he dedicates himself to protecting the world from supernatural threats. Raised without parents, he developed a hot-headed temperament and impressive superhuman abilities.

Kuriyama, a key protagonist in Beyond the Boundary, is an introverted Spirit World Warrior with control over her blood, similar to Choso from Jujutsu Kaisen. Her character is known for her pouty expressions when upset and her financial struggles.

Itadori Yuji, a main character in Jujutsu Kaisen, boasts superhuman strength and hosts Sukuna, the series’ main antagonist. Despite his initial reluctance, he learns to harness cursed techniques, establishing himself as a formidable presence.

Koro-sensei, the antihero of Assassination Classroom, stands out for his playful demeanor and dedication to teaching his students before his imminent demise. Constructed from anti-matter, he possesses extraordinary speed and unique abilities.

Fujiwara Chika, the exuberant secretary of the Shuchiin Academy student council in Kaguya-sama, brings joy with her cheerful disposition, though she often lacks tact and subtlety.

Marin, a protagonist of My DressUp Darling, enjoys cosplaying as anime characters created by Gojo, the series’ protagonist. She befriends Gojo due to his solitude, leading to a close bond between them.

Sanji, a key figure in One Piece, serves as Monkey D. Luffy’s loyal right-hand man and the crew’s chef. His clashes with crewmate Roronoa Zoro and his culinary prowess are notable aspects of his character.

Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood, offers his assistance to protagonists Edward and Elric in their quest for their original bodies. Known as the ‘Hero of Ishval Civil War,’ he is revered for his strength and resolve.

Eren Yeager, initially introduced as the protagonist of Attack on Titan, later assumes the role of antagonist to safeguard his friends’ survival. Inheriting the powers of the Attack Titan, he emerges as one of anime’s most formidable characters.

As March approaches, fans eagerly celebrate the birthdays of these beloved anime characters, each contributing to the vibrant tapestry of anime storytelling.

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