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King Charles III Is Working On ‘Secret’ Succession Plan With Prince William After Cancer Diagnosis: Report

King Charles III is reportedly working on his succession plan with his son Prince William, while maintaining secrecy from Prince Harry.

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King Charles III Is Working On ‘Secret’ Succession Plan With Prince William After Cancer Diagnosis Report
King Charles III with Prince William and Prince Harry. (Image: X)

KING Charles III is reportedly crafting a succession plan, possibly involving his son Prince William, while keeping it concealed from his second son, Prince Harry. According to a report in The Mirror, the monarch’s recent diagnosis of cancer has added urgency to the matter.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn, cited in the report, emphasized King Charles III’s pivotal role in the succession planning, highlighting a lack of trust in Prince Harry. “Charles is also aware that, as future king, William is at the heart of the succession planning that is taking place right now – officials had assumed Charles would remain healthy at least into his mid-eighties before succession planning would need to begin but in fact, it has now begun and indicates perhaps that Charles’ cancer is more dangerous than we have been led to believe,” the report quoted the royal expert.

He further added, “Charles is spearheading the succession planning efforts, with William central to the strategy. However, there’s skepticism about involving Harry.”

Quinn attributed this distrust to Harry’s public criticisms of the Royal Family in interviews and his memoir, Spare, suggesting that Harry’s inclination to divulge sensitive information to the media undermines his suitability for involvement in the highly secretive succession planning process.

Recent events, including Harry’s acknowledgment of seeing Charles and expressing love for his family, contrast with his previous criticisms. However, amid rumors of Harry’s willingness to assist the Royal Family following his father’s diagnosis, he has disclosed plans for upcoming visits to the UK.

Harry’s memoir delves into his intricate relationship with his brother, Prince William, and critiques his father, Prince Charles. Additionally, Harry and Meghan have voiced criticisms of the royal family in their Netflix docuseries.

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