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Restored Indian Classics To Be Featured At IFFI 2023

IFFI 2023’s restored classic section will feature 7 world premieres.These international restored films will also be showcased in this section including The Exorcist Extended Director’s cut from Venice and Sergei Parajanov’s Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors.




‘Vidyapati’ is a biographical film about the medieval Maithili poet and Sanskrit writer Vidyapati. The film was directed by Debaki Bose, a notable filmmaker in the early and mid-20th century in India.
The film explores the life and times of Vidyapati, focusing on his poetry, his contributions to literature, and his influence on the cultural and social landscape of the Mithila region.
'Shyamchi Aai' is a Marathi film directed by PK Atre and was released in 1953.
The film was based on the Marathi-language autobiographical novel of the same name written by Sane Guruji.
'Shyamchi Aai' is a classic in Marathi cinema and is known for its emotional storytelling and depiction of the mother-son relationship.
'Pathala Bhairavi' is a classic Indian Telugu-language fantasy film released in 1951. The film was directed by Kadiri Venkata Reddy (K. V. Reddy), a prominent filmmaker in the Telugu cinema industry.
'Pathala Bhairavi' is celebrated for its contribution to Telugu cinema and is often remembered for its storytelling, visual effects, and performances.
'Guide' is a critically acclaimed Indian film released in 1965, directed by Vijay Anand.
'Guide' is based on the novel of the same name by R.K. Narayan. It's a drama film that explores the themes of love, passion, and spiritual awakening. The lead roles in the film were played by Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman.
'Haqeeqat' is a classic Indian war film released in 1964, directed by Chetan Anand. The film is known for its depiction of the 1962 Sino-Indian War and explores the lives of Indian soldiers who valiantly fought against the Chinese forces in the harsh mountainous terrain.
'Haqeeqat' received critical acclaim for its realistic portrayal of war and the emotional impact on soldiers. The film is often regarded as one of the finest war films in Indian cinema.
'Chorus' by Mrinal Sen is an experimental film that does not follow a conventional narrative structure. It explores the lives of people living on the fringes of society and delves into the political and social issues of the time. The film uses innovative narrative techniques and symbolism to convey its message.
'Bees Saal Baad' is a classic Bollywood suspense thriller directed by Biren Nag. The film was released in 1962 and is based on the Bengali story 'Bhorer Proshuti' written by Madhusudan Dutt. It is known for its atmospheric suspense, haunting music, and engaging storyline.
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