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‘Rebel Moon: Part One’ First Stills: Zack Snyder’s Film Is High On Action

‘Rebel moon’s trailer had make everyone curious to watch.




New trailer of director Zack Snyder‘s ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire’ is finally out.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
The movie features Sofia Boutella, Ed Skrein, Cleopatra Coleman and Cary Elwes in key roles.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
As evident from the trailer, it follows the story of struggle and the battle for the protection of the galaxy.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
The story revolves around a young woman living on the outskirts of a galaxy who must find a group of warriors to save the galaxy from an invasion by a tyrant. (Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
As Snyder said in an interview, ‘Rebel Moon’ takes place in the same universe as another Netflix film of his, ‘Army of the Dead’. (Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
“‘Army of the Dead’ has a pretty vast mythology that never made it into the movie,” Snyder told Total Film, quoted by Variety.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
Snyder originally wrote a 172-page script for ‘Rebel Moon’, which he figured would translate into a three-hour plus movie. (Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
As reported by Variety, Snyder has also shared that each part of ‘Rebel Moon’ will have a director’s cut available, intended for adults only.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
The film is set for a limited one-week theatrical release on December 15. (Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
It will be released on Netflix on December 22.(Image: Screengrab from YouTube)
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