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Watch The Undead Take Over Seoul In This Captivating Zombieverse Teaser

Zombieverse will be aired on Netflix on August 8.





FOLLOWING the success of like Kingdom and All of Us Are Dead, Netflix is set to bring another Zombie-themed show Zombiverse. Directed by renowned TV directors Park Jin Kyung, Zombieverse will makes the viewers get familiar with the types of zombies, survivors, and unique scenes that didn’t see in former zombie-themed projects.

Zombieverse, comprising eight episodes, features Ro Hong Chul, actor Lee Si-young, Park Na Rae, DinDin, Tsuki, Yoo Hee-kwan, Kim Jin Young, Hong Seong Wu, Jonathan and Patricia Yiombi in key roles.

This series is successful in cashing in on elements and storytelling techniques that the viewers are already familiar with, courtesy The Walking Dead, Kingdom, and All of Us Are Dead. What gives it an edge over other shows is its exceptional approach in setting the show within the context of a reality TV program.

The 48-second-long teaser clip features a zombie virus outbreak in Seoul. It shows how a group of Reality TV contestants will have to outsmart the undead in the face of difficult quests and come out alive.

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