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The Impossible Heir: Lee Jun Young, Lee Jae Wook Join Forces In An Unexpected Alliance

Following the journey of three underdogs aiming to seize control of Korea’s largest conglomerate, the series stars Lee Jae Wook as Han Tae Oh, Lee Jun Young as Kang In Ha, and Hong Su Zu as Na Hye Won, each burdened by their family’s dark pasts.




The Impossible Heir: Lee Jun Young, Lee Jae Wook, Hong Su Zu Join Forces In An Unexpected Alliance

Previewing the premiere of Disney+’s original series The Impossible Heir, captivating stills from the first two episodes have been unveiled.

The released stills offer a glimpse into the challenging lives of Han Tae Oh, Kang In Ha, and Na Hye Won, as their fates intertwine intricately.

Capturing pivotal moments like the initial encounter between Han Tae Oh and Kang In Ha, as well as a fateful meeting with Na Hye Won at college, the images set the stage for their unlikely alliance before entering Kangoh Group.

With wit and courage, Han Tae Oh seeks refuge from his troubled existence by approaching Kang In Ha. Simultaneously, Kang In Ha crafts a strategic plan to gain acknowledgment, forming a bond with Han Tae Oh under the guise of friendship. The stills depict the blossoming camaraderie between the two during their formative school years, as they embark on a mission to inch closer to Kangoh Group.

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