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Thandatti On OTT: Ram Sangaiah’s Tamil-Rural Drama Gets A Release Date

Directed by Ram Sangaiah, comedy-drama Thandatti stars Pasupathy, Vivek Prasanna and Rohini in the lead roles.





Thandatti Prime Video OTT Release Date
Official poster of Thandatti. (Image: Prime Video)

STREAMING platform Prime Video has announced the global premiere of the Tamil comedy-drama, Thandatti. Directed by Ram Sangaiah, the film stars Pasupathy, Vivek Prasanna, and Rohini in pivotal roles.

Thandatti will exclusively stream in India and across 240 countries and territories worldwide in Tamil along with Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada dubs from July 14. Watch a special glimpse from the film:

The plot of the movie revolves around, Subramani, a rebellious police constable nearing retirement, faces backlash from his superiors for his unconventional methods. Assigned to investigate a peculiar missing person case in the hostile village of Kidaripatti, he discovers the plight of Thangaponnu, an elderly woman mistreated by her own family.

The plot takes a turn when Subramani tracks her down, but her sudden health decline complicates matters. With her greedy relatives eyeing her valuable possession – Thandatti (a heavy gold earring) – the situation intensifies.

Receiving rave reviews and appreciation from critics for standout performances, Thandatti will keep the audience hooked with its brilliant mix of satire, comedy, and drama.

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