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BBOTT2 Updates: Falaq Calls Jiya ‘Aastin Ka Saanp’, Abhishek Nominates Manisha

Falaqnaaz got frustrated with Jiya Shankar calling her and Avinash as ‘Mr and Mrs Sachdev’ in Bigg Boss OTT 2.





Jiya Shankar in Bigg Boss OTT 2
Jiya Shankar in Bigg Boss OTT 2. (Image: Jio Cinema)

THE Bigg Boss OTT 2 house was filled with drama yet again on Day 25. The nominations task took place and saw the change in equations. Jiya and Abhishek were saved from this week’s eliminations.

During the day, Falaqnaaz called new-friend Jiya “aastin ka saanp”. Abhishek, who was saved from the nominations by the audiences, nominated friend Manisha in order to prove his righteousness.

For the nominations task, the housemates were asked to sacrifice their prized possessions. There were five rounds, where in the first Falaq sacrificed her perfume which led to Bebika getting nominated. In the second, Falaq sacrificed her family picture and got Manisha nominated. 

In round three, Pooja Bhatt sacrificed her bangles and nominated Falaw, while Avinash sacrificed his bracelet to nominate Pooja. Bringing a twist, Abhishek and Jiya chose Falaq’s heartfelt sacrifice of a ring given by her mother, which led to Avinash’s nomination.

After the task, the nominated contestants for this week were Bebika, Manisha, Falaq, Pooja, and Avinash. The contestants safe this week are Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar, and Jad Hadid.

Pooja and Manisha engaged in a discussion regarding the nominations that took place yesterday, expressing their thoughts on the fairness or unfairness of Abhishek, the equation between Avinash and Falaq, as well as Bebika’s involvement in the nomination process.

Jiya attentively listened to Pooja, Manisha, and Bebika, as they recounted the events of the previous night, particularly focusing on the incident involving Falaq and Bebika, while discussing the factors that led to the unfortunate outcome.

Meanwhile, during a casual conversation in the bedroom, Jad and Jiya playfully mock Falaq and Avinash by addressing them as “Mr. and Mrs. Sachdev!” However, the couple didn’t appreciate the comment and became extremely upset, cautioning them to respect boundaries. Fierce Falaq said “Stay in your limits!”

Later, Avinash and Falaq were seen being extremely frustrated with Jiya and Jad because their relationship has become the hot topic of discussion among everyone in the house.

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