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BBOTT2 Updates: Jiya And Abhishek Hold The Fate Of Housemates In Nomination Task

This week, an intense nomination task called ‘BB Junkyard’ is assigned to the housemates. However, there’s a twist – Jiya and Abhishek are safe from nominations.





Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 24 Written Updates
The housemates were assigned a new task, 'BB Junkyard'. (Image: JioCinema)

THE Bigg Boss OTT 2 house was filled with twists and turns on Day 24. After Salman Khan announced no eviction for this weekend, the housemates geared up for the nominations for next week’s elimination.

Abhishek Malhan was seen breaking down into tears while missing his parents. Bebika teased Jiya about her bond with Abhishek and called Falaq and Avinash’s bond “fake and calculated.” 

Here are the top updates from BBOTT2 Day 24:

Avinash’s Emotional Outburst

In a moment of frustration, Avinash vents his feelings about his relationship with Jiya. He questions the dynamics between them, highlighting how he goes above and beyond for her, yet his efforts often go unnoticed. Avinash wonders if his actions are overshadowed by Jiya’s emotional moments and whether he is being taken for granted.

Manisha Wants To Be Captain

In a fun conversation, Manisha reveals her desire to become the captain of the house. With determination in her voice, she shares her plans to take charge and assert her authority, specifically mentioning a task she intends to assign to Jad. Manisha firmly states that she will express her expectations when she becomes the captain.

Jad And Jiya Discuss Falaq’s Loyalty

In a revealing conversation, Jad and Jiya engage in a discussion about their fellow housemate, Falaq. Jiya questions Jad about his decision to discuss their personal issue with Falaq. Jad responds by highlighting the prevailing ego issues among all the housemates. He boldly states, “Nobody is your friend until proven otherwise.”

Bebika, Manisha And Abhishek Discuss Falaq-Avinash’s Bond

Bebika told Manisha and Abhishek in a conversation that she feels Falaq Naaz and Avinash Sachdev’s bond is only a calculated maneuver to keep them in the game. She said that Falaq follows Avinash’s example mindlessly and without any real feelings. 

Bebika went on to call Avinash “spineless.” Manisha said that only she and Bebika and Abhishek are responsible for adding excitement and spice to the show, adding that if it weren’t for them, the show would get boring and repetitive.

Nominations Task 

This week, an intense nomination task called ‘BB Junkyard’ is assigned to the housemates. However, there’s a twist – Jiya and Abhishek are safe from nominations. As the captain, Jiya is exempt, while Abhishek was saved by the audience poll earlier.

In this task, a truck horn will sound off five times. Each time the horn blares, every housemate must sacrifice one valuable personal item and present it to Jiya and Abhishek. The duo will have the power to accept or reject the offerings, with the accepted items being completely destroyed. 

After accepting an item, Jiya and Abhishek will then announce the name of a contestant who’s nominated. By the end of this task, after the five horns, a total of five contestants will be nominated, making the stakes even higher in the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house.

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