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BBOTT2 Day 4 Written Updates: Jad Bonds With Jiya, Akanksha Accused Of Being ‘Fake’

Here’s what all happened inside the Bigg Boss OTT house on Day 4.





Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 4 Written Updates
Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 4 Written Updates. (Image: Bigg Boss OTT 2)

THE race to becoming the first captain of the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house began this week. The final task was between Akanksha Puri and Falaq Naaz, where the latter won the task and was named the first captain of BBOTT 2.

Meanwhile, Jad Hadid was seen seemingly upset with the task. He was also seen bonding with Manisha Rani and Jiya Shankar and exchanged flirts with them, leaving them blushing. 

Take a look at all that happened inside the BBOTT 2 house on Day 3:

Morning Dance To Zingaat

The morning alarm saw the entire house waking up to the tunes of Ajay-Atul’s superhit Marathi number, Zingaat. The housemates woke up with enthusiasm and danced to the tunes in the morning.

Jad And Akanksha Exchange Flirty Lines

Gym pals Jad and Akanksha were having a small flirting moment where they were discussing how they used to do utensils even before they were assigned with the duty. But eventually jad flirts with akansha saying “aap ache dikh rahe ho.”

Jiya And Jad’s Moment

A sizzling moment where Jiya asks Jad if he wants a bite of her sandwich which she made for breakfast and he flirtatiously asks her “Bite of you or bite of your sandwich?” He then proceeded and pretended to bite her arm.

New Task 

Bigg Boss OTT took on a new role today inside the house. During a conversation about limited food supplies, Akanksha Puri selflessly gave her own meal to Avinash, feeling sorry for him because he had very little to eat. She even said she was willing to go without food for a whole week to ensure others wouldn’t go hungry. It really pained her to see them in that situation.

However, Bigg Boss OTT called her fake and claimed that there was enough food for everyone. They expressed disappointment and accused Akanksha of pretending to care just to get attention from the viewers.

As a result, Bigg Boss OTT introduced a new task. All the contestants had to name two people they believe are fake in the house, and the ones with the highest votes would be sent to jail.

Bigg Boss OTT also has given the janta a chance to vote for the two fake contestants. If the choices made by both the housemates and the audience match, the prize money for the house would double. However, if the choices don’t match, the prize money would be reduced to zero.

Jiya Says ‘Haven’t Revealed All My Cards Yet’

As the afternoon heat settled, Jiya and Palak were observed reconciling and strengthening their bond by gossiping about other housemates. Palak commented, “I’ve witnessed all your different sides,” implying that she believes the real Jiya is yet to emerge. Jiya responded by saying, “I agree. I haven’t revealed all my cards.”

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