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BBOTT2 Day 3 Written Updates: Manisha-Jad Bond, Race To Captaincy Begins And More

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 3 Written Updates: Take a look at what all happened inside the house.





Bigg Boss OTT 2 Day 3 Written Updates
BBOTT2: Manisha and Jad were seen bonding inside the house. (Image: Bigg Boss OTT 2)

It was a brand new day inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house. After the intense conversations and arguments during the nominations task, new bondings were seen inside the house.

Take a look at all what happened inside the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house on Day 3:

Jad And Manisha’s Filmy Moment 

Sparks seem to be flying for Jad Hadid and Manisha Rani. During the day, Jad said that he likes Manisha’s Indian look and gave her compliments about the same. Excitedly Manisha comes close to him and twirls with Jad in a very Bollywood style.

Cyrus’s Love For Food

While love and friendships are budding along with drama and fights, just one contestant has his priorities set on just one thing, Food. It has just been 3 days and Cyrus can’t stop thinking of all the food that he misses outside the house. From plates full of chicken to chocolate and chips, Cyrus only has food on his mind.

New Day, New Challenge

The BB vending machine has created a stir in the house, where contestants are forced to manage their ration. Amidst the scarcity of eggs, contestants like Abhishek, Akanksha and others find themselves limited to only 2 eggs, while Cyrus has mysteriously managed to grab 6 eggs, upsetting everyone! Now with the added pressure from Cyrus for chicken, tensions rise and the battle for ration takes center stage.

Manisha Gets Possessive With Jad

While teaching Jad some hindi words, she teaches him the word babu that you affectionately call your loved one. When Abhishek tells Jad to call Akansha babu, Manisha gets possessive saying I taught you that word, you can’t call anyone babu except me.

Race For Captaincy Begins

Bigg Boss announces the most anticipated first captaincy challenge in the house. Cyrus and Abhishek take charge to create video content in the house with their chosen contenders. Contestants can pitch for themselves to be chosen for the task. The contenders will then create content ( through a skit). Viewers will then vote for whom they want to see as the first captain of the house.

The first showdown begins as Akansha and Falaq lock horns in the competition to become the first captain of the Bigg Boss OTT house as Abhishek and Cyrus take their pick. Akansha is performing her content piece with Abhishek and Falaq performs with Cyrus.

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