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When Jungkook Chose BTS: The Story Of His First Audition For The K-pop Group

Here’s an interesting throwback incident about BTS sensation on his audition for the group and the unique approach he took.

Aanchal Sharma



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BTS' Jungkook. (Image: X)

BACK in the day, when BTS was still finding its groove, there was a cool moment that could’ve totally changed everything. Picture this: Jungkook, the guy with a killer voice and some major talent, had a bunch of offers from different K-pop big shots. But guess what? Instead of going for the flashy deals, he rolls up and joins the BTS crew, who were just starting out.

That move, right there, was like the spark that set fire to the whole BTS phenomenon. Jungkook’s leap of faith? That’s the stuff that made BTS what it is today. One interesting throwback incident related to BTS’ Jungkook is a story about his audition for the group and the unique approach he took.

Before becoming the iconic ‘Golden Maknae’ of BTS, Jungkook was scouted by several entertainment agencies due to his exceptional talent. However, it wasn’t easy for him to make the decision to join BTS and Big Hit Entertainment.

In 2011, Jungkook auditioned for the South Korean talent show “Superstar K,” which was one of the most prominent singing competitions in the country. His incredible vocals and charismatic stage presence captured the attention of several agencies. He received offers from different entertainment companies, including seven different offers from various K-pop agencies.

Ultimately, Jungkook was swayed by BTS’s leader, RM (Rap Monster at the time), who convinced him to join Big Hit Entertainment and become a part of what would later become BTS. What’s interesting about this incident is that Jungkook’s approach to choosing BTS wasn’t solely based on the fame or the reputation of the agency. He chose Big Hit and BTS because of the connection he felt with the group and their vision for their music.

This decision speaks volumes about Jungkook’s character. Despite numerous offers from larger, more established entertainment companies, he chose a smaller agency and a group that was just starting to make a name for themselves. His decision and subsequent success with BTS are testaments to his trust in the group’s potential and their shared dream of making meaningful music.

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