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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert In Sydney Affected Due To Lighting Strikes, Fans Evacuated From Accor Stadium

Taylor Swift’s Sydney Era Concert faced a dramatic turn as fans were swiftly evacuated from the stadium floor due to a looming storm and lightning in the vicinity.

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Taylor Swift Eras Tour Concert In Sydney Affected Due To Lighting Strikes, Fans Evacuated From Accor Stadium
Taylor Swift performs as part of the Eras Tour at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo. (Image: AP)

DUE to a massive storm accompanied by nearby lightning strikes hitting the area less than an hour before Friday evening’s scheduled show, Taylor Swift fans were evacuated from the floor and lower bowl of Accor Stadium in Sydney. Accor Stadium, via its X account (formerly known as Twitter), announced a delay in the start time and urged fans within the venue to seek shelter until “further notice.”

“Stay undercover until further notice and follow venue screens and staff instructions,” the stadium advised, emphasizing the importance of safety and kindness to others. 

The official account of Eras Tour also shared a video of the stadium and wrote, “The floor and lower bowl are currently being evacuated due to lightning strikes nearby the stadium at today’s show of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Eras Tour’ in Sydney, Australia. Please stay safe and seek shelter for now #SydneyTSTheErasTour.” Watch:

The resumption time for the concert remains uncertain, with the stadium confirming that Swift’s first Sydney Eras concert would proceed “rain or shine,” unless severe weather conditions posed a threat to attendees’ safety.

Just last week, Taylor Swift set a career record as she enthralled the largest audience of her Eras Tour during the Australian leg’s kickoff in Melbourne on Friday night. The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) witnessed a packed crowd of 96,000 enthusiastic Swifties, lucky enough to secure tickets for the record-breaking global blockbuster.

Acknowledging the magnitude of the moment, Swift shared with the crowd, “This is the biggest show we have ever performed on The Eras Tour or any tour ever. If I seem a little bit like I’m losing my mind over the 96,000 of you, that’s because it’s true. I am.”

For three hours, Swift treated fans to a journey through each of her musical eras. The Eras Tour, now recognized as the highest-grossing concert tour of all time, has captivated audiences by seamlessly traversing Swift’s chameleonic career. Despite a largely consistent setlist, the tour includes two “surprise songs” each night, adding an element of unpredictability. A concert film released in October has further familiarized fans with the show’s content, as they eagerly participate in dances and chants learned from TikTok.

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