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Have You Watched Jack Black’s Viral Version Of Britney Spears’ Song Yet?

Jack Black has showcased his remarkable blend of acting, comedic timing, and musical talent in the 2003 film School of Rock.

Divya Pal



ONCE again, the American rock comedy duo returns! Tenacious D, consisting of the dynamic combination of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, has tackled a hit Britney Spears song from the ’90s that remains timeless – Baby One More Time.

Jack Black has showcased his remarkable blend of acting, comedic timing, and musical talent in the 2003 film School of Rock. While fans eagerly await his return as a music teacher, they can look forward to the premiere of the fourth Kung Fu Panda movie on March 8, 2024. The 54-year-old actor has remained true to his musical background over the years, delighting fans with various live performance snippets.

However, his latest tease has captured everyone’s attention, offering a rocking tune that fans didn’t realize they wanted. Accompanied by his 63-year-old rock partner-in-crime, Gass, Jack takes center stage while lip-syncing to his recording of the song, with Gass serving as a backup dancer. This exciting preview suggests that Jack already has the cover prepared. Could the upcoming Kung Fu Panda movie bring about an exciting collaboration between Po’s furry fury and Britney Spears’ popular dance hit? Numerous social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), are buzzing with electrifying fan reactions to Jack Black’s remarkable music comeback.

Viewers simply can’t get enough and are clamoring for more. Hopefully, the comments under his original Instagram post will inspire a full Jack Black cover album.

Some Instagram users found themselves at a loss for words to convey their excitement, resorting to adoration for Jack’s distinctive quirky persona: “He is more than a man… He’s a shiny golden god.”

Over on X, users reveled in the actor’s unique charm as they witnessed him nail the music cover in his phoenix T-shirt. Meanwhile, the new teaser has ignited speculation about a potential new Tenacious D album in the works; if not, fans have made their desires clear: “Not going to lie…a Tenacious D cover album of 90’s pop songs would go hard.”

Another Instagram user opted for a more nostalgic approach, praising the rock duo for their ability to elevate everything: “Is there any song that the Tenacious can’t make 100x better?” However, the majority of comments expressed a strong desire for the full version of the cover. Common sentiments included: “I demand a full Tenacious D album of Britney Spears covers”, “Best version of the song”, “Cover album please”, and “WHERE IS THE FULL SONG????”

Conversely, Twitter users couldn’t help but commend Black and Gass for consistently showcasing their unapologetic nerdy style to the world. One X quote tweet exclaimed, “Jack Black and Kyle Gass are the end game bosses of nerds and I’m all for it!!!”, while another echoed similar sentiments, stating, “I need this Tenacious D cover of Britney Spears injected into my veins 🤣…..I love these nerds!”

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