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Flashback Friday: When Jungkook Had A Huge Crush On K-pop Star IU

BTS’ Jungkook, the heartthrob of millions, once admitted that he’s got a soft spot for IU, the queen of South Korean music.

Aanchal Sharma



BTS Jungkook with K-pop artist IU
BTS Jungkook with K-pop artist IU. (Image: X)

IN the wild world of K-pop, where stars share more than just killer dance moves and chart-topping hits, BTS’s Jungkook once dropped a bomb that sent ARMYs into a collective ‘aww’ moment. On Flashback Friday, here’s a throwback to the time when the ‘golden maknae’ revealed that he had a crush on none other than the lovely IU.

Jungkook, the heartthrob with the voice of an angel, admitting he’s got a soft spot for IU, the queen of South Korean music. It was like a K-drama plot twist we didn’t know we needed, and suddenly, fans everywhere were riding the rollercoaster of emotions.

This whirlwind revelation wasn’t dropped in some high-stakes interview or a grand announcement. Jungkook kept it casual, throwing it into conversations like your friend casually revealing their latest crush over a cup of coffee. The crush, it seems, blossomed during BTS’s early days, adding a dash of nostalgia to the whole saga.

Several fans of Jungkook wondered what attracted their idol to IU? Turns out, it wasn’t just about her mesmerizing voice or killer stage presence, but her down-to-earth vibe and all-around talent that caught the BTS star’s eye. IU’s a powerhouse, and Jungkook just couldn’t resist the charm.

Soon after the revelation, memes, fan art, and the internet collectively lostits mind. ARMYs, always ready to turn a moment into a celebration, flooded social media with the most adorable content. It was a virtual party, with fans from all corners of the globe sharing the love for Jungkook’s crush.

IU, however, took it all in stride. No awkwardness, just a cool acknowledgment of the adorable crush. Interviews became a playful back-and-forth, with IU responding to questions about Jungkook with a twinkle in her eye and a smile that said, “Yeah, I know. I’m IU.”

The whole thing wasn’t just a peek into Jungkook’s heart; it also showed the camaraderie within the K-pop family. Instead of drama, it was like witnessing a sitcom episode where everyone’s in on the joke. The K-pop world can be intense, but this was a reminder that it’s also a place where friendships and mutual admiration thrive.

Jungkook’s crush on IU became the talk of the town, a feel-good story in the midst of the whirlwind that is the K-pop scene. It was like discovering your favorite characters from different shows are secretly pals behind the scenes. In the grand scheme of things, it was a reminder that even global superstars like Jungkook aren’t immune to the butterflies of a crush.

Thus, a casual crush revelation that turned into a global ‘ship’, making us all wish for a friendship as sweet as Jungkook and IU’s. In the ever-expanding universe of K-pop, moments like these make us appreciate the real, relatable people behind the glittering stage personas.

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