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Dream High, Monstar And Other Popular K-Dramas That Revolves Around Korean Music

Several Korean dramas offer a mix of romance, drama, and music, providing an entertaining glimpse into the world of Korean music and entertainment. We get you all the details.




Dream High
Follows the lives of students at a prestigious performing arts high school as they pursue their dreams of becoming K-pop stars.
The Liar and His Lover
A romantic drama about a talented musician who falls in love with a high school student with a beautiful voice.
You're Beautiful
Centers around a girl who disguises herself as her twin brother and joins a popular boy band, leading to romantic complications.
Tells the story of high school students who form a band and find healing and growth through music.
Features the relationship between a university student majoring in traditional Korean music and a rebellious modern music student.
Chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a former idol group leader as he tries to revive his career by managing a new band.
The Best Hit
A time-traveling comedy about a former idol trainee who travels to the future and meets his successful musician son.
Do You Like Brahms?
Explores the lives and relationships of classical musicians studying at a prestigious music school.
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