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Exhuma Reigns Supreme At 2024 Box Office, Smashes Records With Its Unprecedented Pre-Sale Figures

The highly anticipated thriller “Exhuma,” featuring Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun, has achieved unprecedented success, setting new benchmarks in the 2024 film landscape.

Divya Pal



LEE Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun’s latest thriller film, Exhuma, is causing a stir in the film industry, shattering records with its impressive pre-sale figures. Despite stiff competition from international blockbusters like Dune: Part Two and Wonka, the movie has maintained its position as the top choice for advance reservations for five consecutive days.

The highly anticipated thriller Exhuma, featuring Lee Do Hyun and Kim Go Eun, has achieved unprecedented success, setting new benchmarks in the 2024 film landscape. The film boasts an outstanding 54% real-time reservation rate and a staggering 369.99 million advance bookings, showcasing the immense anticipation among audiences.

Even amidst fierce competition from global releases like Dune: Part Two and Wonka, Exhuma has remained unrivaled, dominating advance reservations for an impressive five days in a row. This remarkable feat underscores the excitement and buzz surrounding the movie.

Having premiered at the esteemed 74th Berlin International Film Festival in the Forum section on February 16, 2024, Exhuma garnered international attention. A week later, on February 22, the film debuted in South Korean cinemas, further solidifying its impact on the cinematic landscape. With its remarkable pre-sale figures and critical acclaim, Exhuma promises to be a cinematic force in 2024, captivating audiences with its thrilling storyline and stellar performances.

Directed by Jang Jae Hyun, Exhuma is a 2024 South Korean mystery thriller that explores the chilling consequences of disturbing a grave housing a malevolent presence. The film stars Choi Min Sik, Kim Go Eun, Yoo Hae Jin, and Lee Do Hyun, delivering riveting performances that immerse viewers in the eerie narrative.

Exhuma captivates audiences with its intricate portrayal of Korean shamanism and supernatural phenomena. Choi Min Sik’s portrayal of geomancer Kim Sang Deok, alongside Kim Go Eun and Lee Do Hyun’s roles as gifted shamans, adds layers to the storyline.
Despite receiving some criticism for its plot execution, Exhuma impresses with its realistic depiction of traditional rituals and meticulous attention to detail, enhancing its horror elements and leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

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