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The Marvels Trailer: Here’s What To Expect From The Superhero Film

While the movie offers a power-packed trio, here are some of the most exciting things to expect from the trailer.





The Marvels Trailer
The Marvels Trailer. (Image: Marvel Studios)

THE Marvels is undeniably the most anticipated release from Marvel Studios this year. The film brings together an exciting ensemble featuring Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, Teyonah Parris, and Samuel O Jackson in an intergalactic battle.

Speaking aboutThe Marvels being MCU’s first ever female-led superhero film actress, Zawe Ashton calls it an “all-female sci-fi extravaganza” and feels moved by being a part of “a huge-budget movie with all these badass women and Samuel L. Jackson.”

Powerful Villain

The Marvels trailer is all set to unveil the cosmic threat which takes 3x the power as a worthy challenge. Will The Marvels team up against a threatening plot of an undefeatable Kree warrior, the invasion of the Skrulls, or other threats that call for Director Fury’s attention barging in through the portals that opened the doors to the multiverse? Fans sure cannot wait to see the trailer.

Goose, The Flerken Ally

Get ready for an electrifying cosmic adventure! Goose, Captain Marvel’s Flerken ally, returns for an intergalactic battle. The audience went Awwwww when they spotted some adorable kittens in the teaser trailer. The Marvels trailer might just have a lethal yet cute surprise for us.

Park Seo Joon

Audiences saw a glimpse of Park Seo Joon in the teaser trailer and shared their excitement. However, we are yet to know about his role in the MCU film. “Could he possibly play the very first Korean superhero in Marvel?” is all that the fans are longing to know. The trailer will shed more light on his character and will give us more dots to connect.

Will The Marvels Come To India?

From Tony Stark’s appearance in an Indian Wedding to Kingo’s fictitious directorial ‘Dastaan-E-Ikaris’, there have been several desi references in Marvel films and shows. A scene from the teaser trailer raises a question if The Marvels will visit India. This scene showcases Brie sporting a colourful dupatta, in a scene embodying an authentic Indian festive vibe.

Nick Fury’s Future

The trailer will give a glimpse of Nick Fury’s journey ahead as a retired director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Will he start a new superhero alliance altogether? Will  S.H.I.E.L.D and their agents make a comeback?

After all, the oldest in charge of The Avengers is ageing and recently going through life-altering events. What does he plan for The Marvels‘ future? From mighty extraterrestrial powers to director fury’s fate, these are the top 5 reasons which demand The Marvels to unite.

The Marvels is all set to fire up the box offices this Diwali and will be releasing on November 10 in English, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

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