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The Barbenheimer Effect: MI 7 Suffers Worst BO Dip In Franchise History





Mission Impossible-Dead Reckoning Part One Twitter Review

STAR Tom Cruise has been successful and consistent in drawing viewers to the cinema halls. From Rain Man to War of the Worlds, the actor has given the right reason for cinephiles to go to the theaters to watch his films.

It was an uneven summer at the box office until July 12. Since many films that released before July 12 disappointed the viewers, all eyes were on Cruise as Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One geared up for its release. As expected, Cruise saved Hollywood and the cinematic experience with Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One, just the way he did it last year with Top Gun: Maverick?

Dead Reckoning Part One, which hit theaters on July 12, has been the highest-reviewed film in the long-running series. Rave reviews helped the movie earn $56.2 million domestically over its opening weekend, and $80 million over its five-day opening week.

Many questioned the sustained success of MI7 as it was released 10 days before the much-awaited Barbie and Oppenheimer. According to reports, Mission Impossible 7 has witnessed the biggest second-weekend BO dip in franchise history. 

For its domestic opening weekend, the film witnessed an estimated 64% dip in gross, after making a meager $19.5 million domestically. 

Reason? Both Barbie and Oppenheimer opened to massive success in theaters. Oppenheimer had particularly pulled Mission Impossible off premium format screens (ie IMAX) due to an exhibitor agreement with director Christopher Nolan.

For the unversed, Barbie grabbed the top spot by raking in $155 million in ticket sales from North American theaters from close to 4,243 locations. With such an impressive collection, it also surpassed The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the highest opening of the year. It also broke the first weekend record for a film by a female director. Oppenheimer too soared past the viewers’ expectations and collected $80.5 million from 3,610 theaters in the U.S. and Canada.

In the same weekend, for the first time, one film opened to over $100 million will another movie opened to over $80 million.

The Barbenheimer trend may have kicked off as healthy competition between two big films, but, as the viewers hoped, both Barbie and Oppenheimer benefited in the end. Globally, Barbie earned $182 million from 69 territories and Oppenheimer minted $93.7 million from 78 territories.

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