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Nora Fatehi Wishes To Play Helen In Her Biopic: ‘I Will Be Honoured’

Nora Fatehi says that she would be able to connect to Helen’s character if her biopic were to be made.





Nora Fatehi wants to star in Helen biopic
Nora Fatehi wants to star in Helen biopic. (Image: Instagram/NoraFatehi)

BOLLYWOOD actor Nora Fatehi, who has established herself as one of the best dancers in the Hindi film industry, recently revealed that she would love to play iconic dancer and actor Helen if her biopic were to be made. The actor said that she is a big fan and watches all her videos before performing on the stage.

Over the years, Nora Fatehi has become a name synonymous with dance numbers. The actor has given several big hits including Garmi, Dilbar, Manike. In a recent interview, Nora said that she used to watch Helen’s videos minutely before performing on stage.

“I really studied all her videos properly, even the breathing spaces of the shoulder movements, the hands and just the aura! I had to be feminine, I had to be poised, I had to be very flirty and I had to own it,” Nora Fatehi said in an interview with BBC Asian Network.

Highlighting how Helen was the “OG” of coming from a different country and establishing herself as one of the most prominent name in the Hindi film industry, Nora Fatehi said that it would be an “honour” for her to play the dancer if her biopic was made.

“Of course that would be an honour! I mean if the filmmakers ever think of me, because I feel like we have so many similarities. She came from a different country, I did, it was tough for both of us, we were introduced to the world through dance and that too in a different genre of dance,” Nora Fatehi said in her interview.

The actor added that she would really be able to connect with her character and said, “We changed what dance meant in cinema. If anyone would need to embody that and really show what that emotion is, I think I would really be able to connect with that. But of course, it would be an honour.”

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