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Zorawar Singh Slams Online Attacks On Kusha Kapila’s Character: ‘Shameful To Paint Her As Villain’

Zorawar Singh wrote a note on social media slamming social media trolls calling out Kusha Kapila for her previous interviews on marriage and infidelity.





Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia
Kusha Kapila and Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia. (Image: Instagram)

SOCIAL media influencer Kusha Kapila and husband Zorawar Singh Ahluwalia recently announced that they are parting ways after almost 6 years of marriage. Soon after the news broke out, curious netizens started speculating the reason for their divorce.

Kusha was slammed by social media users for her previous interviews and thoughts on ‘sexual infidelity.’ Zorawar came to her defense and issued a statement via his Instagram story calling out trollers for painting Kusha as a villain.

“We realize we live public lives, but we still hold certain things sacred. Our marriage and respect for each other being one of them. Divorce much like our marriage was a decision we both made together, after much deliberation and thought,” Zorawar wrote.

He further wrote, “It was a tough and painful decision but one we took collectively, for the sake of both of our well-being. What has transpired over the last 24 hours, with Kusha being subject to vile attacks online makes me sad and disappointed. To attack Kusha’s character and paint her as some villain is shameful. Let’s all please do better.”

Kusha and Zorawar on Monday took to their social media account to announce that they mutually decided to part ways. “Zorawar and I have mutually decided to part ways. This hasn’t been an easy decision by any means but we know it’s the right one at this point in our lives. The love and life we have shared together continue to mean everything to us, but sadly, what we seek currently for ourselves doesn’t align. We gave it our all, until we couldn’t anymore,” the statement read.

It further added, “A relationship ending is heartbreaking and it’s been a tough ordeal for us and our families. Thankfully, we have had some time to process this, but what we shared and built together panned for over a decade. We still need a lot more time and healing to get to the next phase of our lives.”

Neither Kusha nor Zorawar have opened up on the reason of their divorce.

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