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Kangana Ranaut Announces The Release Date Of Chandramukhi 2





CHANDRAMUKHI 2, helmed by P Vasu and featuring Kangana Ranaut in key role, will be released on September 19. Kangana took to her Instagram handle to confirm the news.

With her latest Insta post, the actor issued a warning about Chandramukhi’ ‘s return. The actor unveiled the poster of Chandramukhi 2 and confirmed that Chandramukhi is set to return on Ganesh Chaturthi this year.

Within minutes, Kangana’s fans flooded her post with comments. One user wrote, “Queen for a reason”, another fan commented, “I am waiting maam”. A few more expressed their excitement with comments like “Queen as a ghost… Blockbuster definitely… Can’t wait”, “Blockbuster loading”, “you as Chandramukhi will be a treat to watch”.

Chandramukhi 2 has been directed by P Vasu and features Raghava Lawrence, Vadivelu, and others. It has been produced by Lyca productions and Subaskaran. Kangana’ ‘s much-anticipated movie will release in September in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada.

In March this year, Kangana had completed the shoot of Chandramukhi 2 with actor-director-choreographer Raghava Lawrence. In a long, heartfelt note that Kangana had penned, she said it was very difficult for her to say bye to ‘”many wonderful people” and “lovely crew” she met during the shoot.

The actor mentioned that she was highly inspired by Raghava Lawrence who kicked off his career as a choreographer, but went on to be a blockbuster filmmaker and a superstar. Kangana also lauded him for being “incredibly lively, kind” and a “wonderful human being”.

“At the time of the wrap, Kangana Ranaut had penned a long note on her timeline. It read, “As I am about to complete my role in Chandramukhi today, I find it very difficult to say bye to many wonderful people that I met, such a lovely crew I had, I didn’t have any pictures with Raghava Lawrence sir because we are always in film costumes so this morning before shoot started I requested for one, I am so inspired by sir who is popularly known as Lawrence master because he started his career as a choreographer actually as a back dancer but today he is not only a blockbuster filmmaker / superstar but also an incredibly lively, kind and wonderful human being… Thank you for your kindness, amazing sense of humour and all the advance gifts for my birthday sir … had such a great time working with you,” Kangana’s note read.

According to earlier reports, Chandramukhi 2 was referred to as the sequel to Tamil superstar Rajinikanth’s 2005 blockbuster horror-comedy flick . The film will feature Kangana Ranaut and Raghava Lawrence as protagonists. Lakshmi Menon, Ravi Maria, Mahima Nambiar, Subhiksha Krishnan, and Vadivelu, will also feature in key roles.

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