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Kajol Clarifies ‘Uneducated Leaders’ Remark: ‘Was Merely Making A Point On Education’

After receiving severe backlash, Kajol clarified her remark on being ‘governed by leaders who do not have an educational background.’





Kajol reacts to her 'uneducated political leaders' remark
Kajol clarifies her 'uneducated political leaders' remark. (Image: Instagram)

BOLLYWOOD star Kajol saw herself embroiled in controversy after a controversial remark on the political leaders in India during a recent promotional event. The actor received severe backlash after saying that “we are being governed by political leaders who do not have an educational system background.”

After the outrage on social media, Kajol took to her Twitter account to issue a clarification. The actor said that she did not want to demean anyone but was simply making a point about the importance of education.  

“I was merely making a point about education and its importance. My intention was not to demean any political leaders, we have some great leaders who are guiding the country on the right path,” Kajol wrote in a tweet.

The actor came under the radar during a promotional event of her upcoming show, The Trial. She was asked whether despite several changes and progress in the country, the women are still being held back.

To this, Kajol replied, “Change, especially in a country like India, is slow. It is very, very slow because we are steeped in our traditions and thought processes and, of course, it has to do with education. You have political leaders who do not have an educational system background.”

She further added, “I’m sorry but I’m going to go out and say that. I’m being ruled by leaders, so many of them, who do not have that viewpoint, which I think education does give you, at least the chance to look out for a different viewpoint.”

The actor will be making her OTT debut with her upcoming series. Speaking about the same, Kajol told PTI, ““here was a lot of back-and-forth. I never think about ‘what if I had done this or accepted this’. I never think any film is mine till I sign on the dotted line and start working on it. I am very happy that ‘The Trial’ is the show that will be my OTT debut.”

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