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‘I Am Against Propaganda Films’: Kamal Haasan Reacts To ‘The Kerala Story’ Controversy

Kamal Haasan reacted to ‘The Kerala Story’ controversy and said that it’s not enough to say that a film is “based on true events.”





Kamal Haasan reacts to 'The Kerala Story' controversy. (Image: Instagram/IKamalHaasan)
Kamal Haasan reacts to 'The Kerala Story' controversy. (Image: Instagram/IKamalHaasan)

SOUTH superstar Kamal Haasan reacted to the ongoing controversy about the film, The Kerala Story. During a recent press interaction, the actor said that he is against “propaganda films” while speaking about his thoughts on the Sudipto Sen-directorial.

Kamal Haasan was recently in Abu Dhabi to attend the IIFA 2023. Speaking at a media interaction, the actor was asked about his thoughts on The Kerala Story, which has stirred up controversy with its “based on a true story” tagline.

“I told you, it’s a propaganda film that I am against. It’s not enough if you write a true story just at the bottom as a logo. It has to really be true and that is not true,” Kamal Haasan said during the interaction.

The actor further added, “It’s not enough that you say based on a true story because that’s what everyone does. I think, you have to hit the true cord in the audience that kind of cinema is not one kind of cinema. Mono culture is not a great thing, especially in art. So all kinds of cinema should come over.”

Kamal Haasan said that he is a big fan of small films. “I am a great fan of smaller movies. Like babies that grow up to be something really big. I also became a star by these kinds of smaller films which made it big with audiences. Awards are different things. I am talking about the audience accepting it much before the award jury grants them the honour,” the actor added.

Released on May 5, The Kerala Story landed into controversy when its trailer claimed that 32,000 women from Kerala had gone missing and joined the terrorist group ISIS. The film triggered a heated political debate with several politicians including Shashi Tharoor questioning the veracity of the claim.

Reacting to the controversy, the makers of The Kerala Story changed their claim of 32,000 in the trailer to just 3. The film has so far grossed over Rs 200 crore at the box-office.

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