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Adipurush Row: Writer Manoj Muntashir To Revise Dialogues After Massive Uproar

After facing major backlash, the makers of Adipurush have decided to change some dialogues from the film.





Adipurush Dialogues Row
Adipurush Dialogues Row. (Image: Twitter)

PRABHAS’ latest film Adipurush have been caught in the eye of the storm since the day of its release (June 16). The film has become a talking point on social media for its cringe-worthy dialogue which has caused a major uproar in the country.

After facing severe backlash, the makers of Adipurush have decided to rework the dialogues of the film. Writer Manoj Muntashir took to his social media account to pen a long note on how he felt about the critical response to his work and revealed that he will be reworking on the dialogues from the film.

Taking to his Twitter, Manoj wrote, “The first lesson one can learn from Ramkatha is to respect every emotion. Right or wrong, time changes, feeling remains. I wrote dialogues of more than 4000 lines in Adipurush, some sentiments got hurt on 5 lines. In those hundreds of lines, where Shri Ram was glorified, Maa Sita’s chastity was described, praise was also to be received for her, which I don’t know why I did not get.”

The writer further wrote, “My own brothers wrote indecent words for me on social media. The same my own, for whose respected mothers I read poems many times on TV, addressed my own mother with indecent words. I kept thinking, there can be differences, but where did my brothers suddenly get so bitter that they forgot to see Shri Ram who considered every mother as his mother. Sitting at the feet of Shabri, as if sitting at the feet of Kaushalya.”

Reacting to the major uproar regarding Adipurush dialogues, the writer wrote, “It is possible that in a 3-hour film, I have written something different from your imagination for 3 minutes, but I could not know why you were in such a hurry to write Sanatan-Drohi on my forehead. Have you not heard the song ‘Jai Shri Ram’, Didn’t hear ‘Shivoham’, Haven’t heard ‘Ram Siya Ram’? These praises of Sanatan in Adipurush are also born from my pen. I have also written ‘Teri Mitti’ and ‘Desh Mere’.”

He further added, “I have no complaint with you, you were, are and will be my own. If we stand against each other, Sanatan will lose. We have created Adipurush for Sanatan Seva, which you are seeing in large numbers and I am sure you will see in future as well. Why this post? Because for me there is nothing greater than your feeling. I can give countless arguments in favor of my dialogues, but this will not reduce your pain.”

Announcing the team’s decision to change the dialogues, Manoj wrote, “Me and the producer-director of the film have decided that some of the dialogues which are hurting you, We’ll revise them, and they’ll be added to the film this week. May Shri Ram bless you all! #Adipurush #JaiShreeRam.”

Meanwhile, Adipurush has reportedly collected over Rs 240 crore worldwide within 2 days of its release. The film stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh and Saif Ali Khan in the lead roles and is directed by Om Raut.

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