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Adipurush Movie Review: Watch At Your Own Risk

Don’t expect the viewers to venerate Prabhas and Kriti Sanon as gods.





RAMAYANA has invariably been almost every filmmaker’s favourite, which is why a host of films have been directed with plots that have drawn influences from the epic. Interestingly, the fetish for Ramayana continues even now. Om Raut is the latest filmmaker to bring alive the mythological story on the big screen.

Those who enjoyed viewing Ramanand Sagar’s TV serial Ramayana, called it as the ‘soap opera of the gods’ and appreciated how it brought India to a standstill in the 1980s, might not feel the same impact and the connect with Om’s Adipurush. Reason? The movie lacks the simplicity and the sincerity for which the TV serial was lauded, which is why the viewers might not feel fully convinced to venerate protagonists – Prabhas and Kriti Sanon – as gods. However, the viewers who aren’t aware of the popular televised version, could have a different take.


Adipurush kicks off with Ravana being granted the boon by Lord Brahma which makes him immortal and invincible. Within seconds, we get a glimpse of the real Ravana played effortlessly by Saif Ali Khan.

He laughs unstoppably with pride and stomps on the snow. Not once does the actor try or makes an attempt to portray Ravana. Saif is genuine and natural as an actor, which is why he doesn’t have to put in extra effort to look viciously evil. However, the makers could have avoided the beard and the Hulk walk, to keep it real.


For an actor like Prabhas, who has a presence imposing enough to transcend any language, the opening sequence could have been more powerful rather than him coming out of water to combat deadly flying creatures. After watching him emerge bare-chested from a waterfall in his first sequence in Bahubali: The Beginning which established him as a superhuman, and a powerful leader, the viewers would have loved to see the muscle-bound Prabhas in an equally jaw-dropping and hypnotic spectacle.

Adipurush isn’t the most flawless film when it comes to VFX. Nonetheless, it has a few moments that remain unforgettable. Om is impressive in capturing the sheer magnificence of the ocean god as it emerges from the waters, the closeup shots of deadly metallic weapons installed on the walls of Lankesh’s fort and the demonstration of Lankesh’s 10 heads.

We wanted Prabhas to have more dialogues and a better opportunity to put forth his acting prowess in Adipurush. He emotes with eyes most of the times, and unfortunately, runs in the strangest way possible. Not sure if that’s due to the camerawork or a technical glitch in direction, but these flaws dilute the impact he could have left with his role. After being part of Rajamouli’s sweeping epic Baahubali: The Beginning and king-sized sequel Baahubali 2, Prabhas’ fans were expecting Adipurush to have equally impactful special effects and bigger battle sequences. But let me be honest, it is wrong to draw comparisons.

Kriti Sanon’s role is restricted to looking pretty and giving helpless expressions. Sunny Singh as Lakshman looks uncomfortable in a few scenes. Devdatta Nage as Bajrang is entertaining and memorable. Vatsal Seth does justice to his role as Indrajit too.

Film’s background deserves special mention for capturing the epic scale of the story in the most flawless way. No track looks forced or comes across as a diversion from the screenplay.

With dialogues like ‘Jalegi bhi tere baap ki’, ‘Jo humari behno ko haath lagaega unki lanka laga denge’, ‘Bahut dekh liya tera bandar nach’,  ‘Yeh toh fissadi hai’, ‘Bua ka bageecha hai jo hawa khaane aa gaya’, and ‘Aur koi kaam dhandha nahi bacha’, Adipurush may strike a chord with the aam aadmi, but this isn’t required in a film that retells the story of an epic.

In a nutshell, Adipurush which almost comes across as a Marvel or DC film, is a visual extravaganza, but is that enough to keep the viewers engaged?

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