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Adipurush BO Collection: Prabhas’ Film Witnesses A Dip In Revenue On Day 5

Prabhas’ ‘Adipurush’ finds it tough to stay afloat in cinema halls during the weekdays. It raked in just Rs 10 crore in India on June 20.





A still from 'Adipurush'.

AMID multiple controversies and negative reviews, filmmaker Om Raut’s Adipurush’s box office collection dropped further on June 20. The dip in the movie’s collection on day 5 of its release clearly signals its collapse.

The film, featuring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan in key roles, had a blockbuster beginning at the box office during the first weekend of its release, but witnessed a shocking dip of 75 percent on Monday which further dropped on Tuesday.

As reported by trade portal Sacnilk, the early estimates suggested that the movie raked in about Rs 10.80 crore in India on the fifth day of its release on Tuesday. The film was successful in collecting Rs 86.75 crore on its release day, followed by Rs 65.25 crore on its first Saturday, Rs 69.10 crore on its first Sunday, and approximately Rs 20 crore on its first Monday.  

T-Series, the movie’s production banner had confirmed that the worldwide four-day box-office collection of the film stands at Rs 375 crore. T-Series had shared a poster of the box office collection at the end of day 4 along with a message that read, “we are grateful for your love and devotion”.  

According to a report published by Pinkvilla, the makers are expected to cover losses, courtesy non-theatrical recoveries and a substantial non-refundable advance (NRA) that they have received from Telugu distributors. However, these recoveries are meant to redistribute the losses because the expected revenue from the Telugu state will only cover half of the NRAs. The projected recoveries for the film stand at Rs. 410-420 crores which further indicates potential losses that range from Rs. 80-90 crores, mostly to be borne by Telugu distributors, subject to renegotiations.

Actor Dipika Chikhlia, who rose to fame for her role as Goddess Sita in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana, which had hit the small screen over three decades back, feels any deviation from the epic will face criticism.

“Every time it is going to come back on screen, be it for TV or movie, it is going to have something which is going to hurt people because you are not going to make a replica of the Ramayana that we made,” Chikhlia told PTI.

The negative buzz around the film has deterred her from watching Adipurush. “Possibly that also clouded my judgment. I am shooting round-the-clock, so time is a big constraint for me. So, when I actually watch it, (then) I will possibly be in a better frame of mind to talk about “Adipurush”,” she said.

Earlier, Arun Govil, who had played Lord Ram in Ramayana, had also slammed the film saying it wasn’t up to the mark.

“I have not seen the film, but whatever I have heard, there are a few very controversial lines and I feel it’s not up to the mark. Lord Hanuman, we worship him, he is our god, and god talking in this language is not done. I don’t think it should have been there. I read the tweet by Manoj Muntashir and he has said that they are taking it back. That’s nice of them that they have thought of taking it back,” he had said in an interview.

Adipurush, which is reportedly made on a budget of over Rs 500 crore, has been receiving massive criticism for its content, treatment of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman and the usage of pedestrian dialogues. In one instance, Lord Hanuman says, “Kapda tere baap ka, aag tere baap ki, tel tere baap ka, jalegi bhi teri baap ki.” Manoj Muntashir, who penned the movie’s dialogues, had earlier stated that he intentionally kept such dialogues to connect with the viewers and highlight how they speak. However, on Sunday, he declared that Om and he will revise some of the dialogues.

While addressing massive criticism and negative reviews against Adipurush, Om told Republic that it is impossible for anyone to understand the film, and those who claim to do so, are either fools or liars.

“If I kind of sit down and tell you that I have understood the drama, I think it will be a serious error, because nobody, I feel, has the capacity to understand Ramayana,” he said, adding, “Whatever Ramayana that I have understood, whatever little bit you know, it’s like a squirrel’s contribution. That little bit that I have understood of the Ramayana is something that I’ve tried to portray onto celluloid.”

Amid the backlash in India, Nepal’s capital Kathmandu has banned the release of Indian films after the Mayor of the capital city found the depiction of Sita inaccurate. According to reports, Kathmandu’s Mayor has also deployed cops to ensure no Indian films are screened in the theatres of the metropolitan area. Balen Shah had earlier objected to the fact that Sita was referred to as the “daughter of India” while in reality, she was the “daughter of Nepal”. The makers had made this change in the movie.

Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel too has slammed the film for tarnishing the image of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman, and said the Congress government may consider banning it in the state if people demand so. He alleged that dialogues used in Adipurush are “objectionable and indecent” and questioned the “silence” of political parties which refer to themselves as the guardian of religion, a clear dig  at BJP. Baghal also alleged that “Bajrang Bali is made to speak the language of Bajrang Dal in this movie”.

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